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Om For the Earth! Eco-Friendly Yoga Gear

True yogis not only practice asanas (postures) on their mat, they all have a strong spiritual practice. Ahimsa, a Sanskrit word meaning "noninjury" or "nonviolence," is a deeply important focus for many yogis. Aside from living a peaceful life and eating a vegan diet (which many yogis choose to do), choosing products that protect the Earth is another way to carry out ahimsa. From wicking undies to leggings to yoga blocks, click through to find out which yoga gear is made with sustainable fabrics and materials so you can feel even better when hopping on your mat.

What Do You Give Up First When You're Trying to Lose Weight?

Exercise tones those muscles and melts away fat, but when you want to look just a little less puffy for an important event (or just be able to slip on those skinny jeans a little easier), it starts with making some healthier choices in the kitchen. In fact, simple swaps like these can save hundreds of calories a day - leading to just enough weight loss to leave you feeling more confident in your clothes. Other times, it takes a more dedicated effort, like swapping refined carbs for more protein or laying off the sugary drinks. So we want to know: when you're trying to lose a few pounds, what type of foods do you tell yourself to give up first?

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The Weight-Loss Tip to Fight Feelings of Deprivation

Feeling deprived and dissatisfied when it comes to healthy eating leaves you with a pang of constant hunger, both physically and emotionally. Forget the old notion that you're making a sacrifice every time you reach for a clean meal or snack, and say this to yourself instead: food is your body's fuel.

Choosing clean and nutritionally dense food is just like putting in that top-of-the-line fuel that helps with your body's ability to lose weight, while a diet full of refined carbs and sugars and other processed junk leaves you feeling sluggish and bloated all day long. When you think of those "sacrificed" foods with a new perspective, suddenly that diet of greasy pizza and plates of french fries just doesn't have the same appeal of the past.

But this doesn't mean you can never partake in the joys of your "favorite" foods again. Even for supersculpted celebrity trainer Heidi Powell, when someone tells her she can't something, she says, "naturally, I want it more!" She says it's important to leave moments for planned indulgence, so we don't have to deal with nasty feelings of deprivation and "never feel like we fail."

I think I might need some new pants?

photo 2 (4) Also needed: a haircut, a clean living room, and a nap.

I went to the Dr on Friday and according to his scale I am down 76.4 lbs since I delivered E2 just over 5 months ago.

That is more that the combined weights of BOTH my children.

-photo 4 (3) photo 5 (3)

While I count my official weight loss from the first weigh in back at Weight Watchers, it is nice to look at the BIG postpartum picture from time to time.

I’d say I’m doing pretty well!

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The Metabolism-Boosting Secret Trainers Swear By

If you're sick of following diets that seem like an endless list of what you can't eat, listen up: this rule, a favorite of top personal trainers and nutritionists alike, won't leave you feeling deprived. The secret? It's not always what you eat, but when.

Michelle Bridges, a trainer on The Biggest Loser: Australia and author of The Total Body Transformation ($23), helps us out by sharing a mantra that's easy to remember when you're trying to lose weight. "Eat like a king for breakfast, eat like a prince for lunch, and eat like a pauper for dinner," she tells us. Why? Not only will you have more time to burn off a big meal if you eat it the morning, but starving yourself during the day can lead to bad choices at night. "The most common thing for all of my contestants on the show is that they don't eat breakfast, they barely eat anything during the day, and then they pig out and end up consuming more calories [at night]," Michelle says. "You can't beat Mother Nature, so don't try to play games with her."

Other trainers and nutritionists agree: breakfast is where it's at if you want to indulge. Bob Harper also advises weight-loss clients to front-load their heavy meals earlier in day; celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson (the man responsible for Sofia Vergara's strong curves) tells his clients to avoid carbs like rice, pastas, and grains later in the day if they are trying to look their best, since these water-retaining foods "blur, to a certain degree, definition and muscle separation." Nutritionist Shira Lenchewski says that our circadian rhythm of our bodies causes metabolic changes that make a large meal heavy with carbs easier to burn off if it's eaten earlier in the day. While this strategy isn't exactly permission to eat doughnuts and bacon every day, it's a good rule of thumb to follow with your healthy-eating plan.

If you can't imagine your Saturday nights without a fun dinner with friends and family, don't worry. Michelle's tips for going out and still losing weight will help you stay on track when the weekend rolls around.

All the Security Measures That Are Helping Make the Boston Marathon Safe

After the tragic events of last year's Boston Marathon, the question on many people's minds is how can you keep the public safe on 26.2 miles of open road? While not an easy task, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has worked diligently alongside local, regional, state, and federal agencies to ensure that the one million spectators and 36,000 runners expected at Monday's event remain safe and secure.

To no surprise, the comprehensive plan includes beefing up the number of eyes on the road. This will come in the form of additional police officers, SWAT units, bomb squads, and K-9 patrol than seen in previous years. Added to this are 100 additional security cameras, Air Wing troopers operating at least four helicopters during the race, and 8,000 steel barricades erected along the racecourse. In a press release from MEMA, all of these added measures will "ensure the safety and security of the runners and spectators while maintaining a traditionally festive, family-oriented event."

Though many of the heightened security tactics will go unnoticed by those in attendance, there will be some noticeably marked changes. Besides the sheer amount of officers on the ground - double the number of last year - attendees may be subject to random security searches, or asked to pass through inspection checkpoints. Officials are also asking that anyone who is planning to watch the race to leave large bags and backpacks at home. They are instead encouraging spectators to store belongings in clear bags.

Runners will also be feeling the effects of added security measures. The most prominent change from last year is that runners will not be allowed to bring bags with them to the start line. In previous races, participants could carry bags with them to the start that would later be transported to the finish line for pick up. If runners would like to check in any belongings before the start of the race, they must do so on the Boston Common (closer to the finish line), the morning of the marathon before heading to the start in Hopkinton. In addition, all belongings must be checked in a clear plastic bag.

After the Egg Hunt: 5 Healthy Hard-Boiled Egg Recipes

After the egg hunt, chances are you'll have a colorful stash of the Easter treats. But that doesn't have to mean a week of nothing but boring breakfasts. Check out these five healthy ways to use up your hard-boiled eggs after Easter!